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Free Live Chat Software

Each live chat solutions provides few trial or request a demo, so give them a try and check which software performs the best for your requirements. We have shortlisted some features you need, so that you can compare the best software that meets your budget. Mostly live chat systems integrate with Google analytics and allow for advanced segmentation. Therefore, take benefit of these features available that improve your overall conversion rate.

Free Live Chat Software: ChatWoo, based on the principles of Public Relations, is an online engagement tool to engage online visitors. It enhances business growth by increasing the number of visitor interactions. Chatwoo is a powerful chat engine that runs on every browser. Webmasters can build a better relationship with visitors and customer, using this tool.

Smartsupp- This software offers free live chat along with visitor recording. You can get a free package with unlimited number of agents. It enhances conversions up to 500% and improves user loyalty. Moreover, you can see a video with the screen, clicks and mouse movement of each visitor.

ChatWay Live- This software increases your business as it offers quality customer system. Their system well proficient including the demands of technical support and maintain build up knowledge base in the process. Chatway Live offers nice set of features to support you to understand users in a better way with the help of various tools. Knowledge of user’s data helps you to start meaningful conversations with your clients quickly. It also saves time and enhances productivity by grouping solutions to make hassle free access.

MyLiveChat- This software provides valuable premium plans, but their business model offers professional chat software for free. They use very effective technologies to give greatest quality at low price. It enables you to communicate with your customer easily. MyLive chat offered on an application service provider basis. Therefore, you are not required to install hardware and get started instantly. Apart from this, they provide customization potential.

PureChat-Today’s making a phone call is much troublesome, and email is very slow. People are moving towards live chat option that is more personal and speedy. Through Purechat live chat software you can easily match your brand. It offers customize chat box colors, profile images, text, and animations as well. Moreover, you can create your schedule and your availability show whenever you logged in on mobile or web.

Olark- Olark discloses who’s on your website and what they are doing. You can also view what’s in their shopping cart. It is easy and quick to customize Olark, so that you can chat with the client instantly in your browser. To improve your product and experience, this software provides you instant feedback from the customer. It’s only you who can decide when to chat, with which client and how many chats a time. With Olark you can leave a message if you are unavailable.

Userlike- It is a flexible system that supports to generate leads. Installation can be done through Google Tag manager, and if you want to change something, you can do it effortlessly. Their LiveChat option is best to response visitors instantly. You can also choose their 14 days free trial.

SnapEngage-Their live chat comes with various features, and they will make a huge difference for you and your team. You can chat from anywhere as there is no need to install any software. Their simple and robust interface offers the skills and information you require. They customize everything for mobile and desktop both such as help chat, chat window, contact buttons and agent photos. Customer chat window is configured and automatically detected when customers are on mobile. Therefore they allow your visitors to interact flawlessly with agents. SnapEngage has introduced SMS chat also. So now a customer can communicate with the agents via text message.

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