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Contextual marketing

Contextual marketingIf you asked someone, how many marketing emails you received in a day, the answer is 7 or 8 or more than this. Most of the companies used this method to market and popularize their products and services but is this really affecting people. I think no. Rather than read these emails, people deleted them very fast without even open them.

Despite ignoring marketing emails by people, it is considered as a good channel for direct marketing as it offers highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Now smart marketers are considering ways supported by latest technology by which they can engage customers and generate high sales offline and online, leads to high ROI.

Support Latest Technologies

Automate Workflow Contextual marketing

Marketers took hours, sometimes even days to prepare a campaign workflow. The process is a long one; it includes the creation of good content, recreates the same from your site, its conversion into responsive HTML, proofreading, editing, exporting and the last sending.

Automating workflow reduces a large proportion of costs and time both. A task such as a recreation of content from your site can be automated, so it helps in reducing a large amount of time.

Optimize Content – Contextual marketing

To optimize content on their site, most of the e-commerce or online companies run A/B or multivariate tests, calls to actions and advertisements on a constant basis. But are these buttons really generate any sales? Earlier it was seen that e-mail marketers divide their customers according to some criteria, accordingly send a version of mail, wait for their reply or results and last redeploy.

It is known, from the report of marketing of Salesforce for 2015 that 23 percent of marketers are unaware of kind of device which emails can read on. These days, due to good technology, e-mail marketers know on which device user is opening their emails, whether a user is checking their emails on a tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop. After sending button pressed, on basis of device used and some other factors, many things like copy and images can be tested and optimized on an automated basis.

Personalize content

Same as content marketing, contextual marketing word is also overused. But most of us don’t know its real meaning and how it can apply to email marketing.

Contextual marketing means to sell the customer what he or she actually needs. It is a campaign in which marketers are customer oriented, thus sell and becomes pure of providing people with something actually they required. In the real world, Contextual marketing means when a guy in a new suit walking out of his office into a downpour and is yelling “umbrellas here!”.

Now, if we replicate this in the online world so as to reach millions of people together-by offering umbrellas to those who are standing in a rain, offering to ice cold lemonade to those who are standing in hot outside and a cup of tea to those who are standing in cold or chill.

As the messages of your customers are important, so it is a duty of marketers to make them personalized. Thus, marketers with the help of scale of email and the right technology, personalized messages for every customer on basis of a name of customer, its location, device, weather, time of day, availability of product, past purchases and others but always makes sure that content must be of good quality and relevant.

Contextual marketing makes marketers think about what exactly customer needs and accordingly fulfill their requirement.
In terms of campaigns, thinking for marketing is difficult as it always defines what is the task of marketers. However, e-mail can be transformed by marketers to achieve success by making alterations in content and process with a focus on customers.