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Changing IT scenario with Cloud Computing

Changing IT scenario

Information Technology sector had undergone a myriad of changes in the last few decades with innovative technologies as well as more and more user-friendly and effective applications and devices for personal and business purpose. In business, the performance and capacity of your IT infrastructure was always in question based on the changing needs in terms of performance as well as the storage capacities. The major revolution in this area is now happened with the concept of cloud computing. Your limited capacity local computers should no longer have to do all the work or store all the information in hand, but it is possible now to be shared with many networks and computers available on the cloud environment to handle these tasks for you.

You may have already experienced the benefit of virtual storage if you are using web mail services like Gmail or Yahoo. The storage for your personal account does not actually exist on your personal computer, but it is being hosted in your server provider’s cloud, which you can access from anywhere over the internet. Web mail is just a simple example and there are far better reasons to choose cloud computing as a solution. It will be amazing to know that now you can run your entire business using cloud computing and can run a full-fledged virtual business environment with the flexibility of accessing all our vital data from anywhere anytime without the need for a fixed IT infrastructure.

As analyzed by experts, the 10 best reasons to choose cloud computing are as below:

  1. Cost Reduction : The first and best reason to choose cloud computing is the reduced cost. Imagine you can cut down all your expenditure on your IT infrastructure including computers, operating systems, paid software, networking devices, technicians etc. Also that using cloud computing, you only pay for what you use by buying it or getting it on rent.
  2. Remote Accessibility : All concerned like the employees, managers, clients or anyone with an access can view and update the information from anywhere. This saves a lot of time and effort that one need not have to be physically present or have to use any kind of remote access tools to access the server at the office.
  3. Scalability : Can assess exactly what you need and get it for your business than getting out to purchase expensive a preset of infrastructure and just need to use a part of it actually.
  4. Ease to implement : Another best reason to choose cloud computing is that it is easy to implement. No longer you need to pay for it and go through the hectic and time-taking process of implementing a server-based software.
  5. Automatic Updates : With a minimal annual subscription fee, all the updates and up-gradation needed in terms of software and hardware can be done automatically.
  6. Minimal Response Time : Usually, cloud computing offers a better response time in comparison to the conventional server and hardware-based process handling.
  7. Data Protection and Security : Your data is safely stored on secured data centres at different locations. It is far more secure than stored at your physical server, which is bound to many hazardous situations with a chance of complete data loss. No need to worry about backup as well. Also cloud computing offers high-end security features that your confidential data is being protected against any hacking or similar attacks.
  8. Fit for All : There are customized solutions available for any small, mid-sized, or large scale businesses to make use of cloud computing based on their limited or unlimited requirements.
  9. Cross-Platform Functionality : The best cloud computing packages are built in such a way that it can be integrated with any different platforms, which most of the server-based software cannot do.
  10. Adaptability to Changes : The last but not the least best reason to choose cloud computing is that considering the ever-changing corporate infrastructure pattern, cloud computing is highly flexible to get easily adapted to any such changes get integrated without any flaws.
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