Promotion of a site is one kind of a art because it promotes not only the site but helps in expansion of the business. Mainly expansion in the business through the site an artistic work it considers several steps.

When go for establishing a site this is very compulsory to know the goal of the site means who are the customer for which we are making a site for this study the market is a very important thing.

we need to have a clear vision for our business, goals (short and long-term) for which we wish to achieve and the strategies of how will accomplish them.

After setting the goals it's very important to set the market means what kind of market will be covered by this kind of the site, because it will enhance not only our business but also covers market through which we can establish some new business also.

Getting targeted customers to a website will increase sales or business because they will have more interest in our product or service than marketing to a general audience. It also attracts the more peoples in the business.

For promoting the site gone through a different kind of the strategy like forums, emails, different kind of the search engines and various kind of portals because we never know from where we can cover the audience.

always promoting the site in continuity because if we stop the promotion then it is very hard to get something very fine because if we continuously checking it then regularly the audience will be in touch

Time to time we have to estimate our returned because if we are not checking it then we can't identify that is our business on a right track or not. So we should very much care about this thing.

Analyze our website traffic by analyzing it about website traffic, you can determine what marketing strategies are successful. We can then change them as necessary, to enhance the sales or services from your site. Test, monitor and track our results to run an effective online marketing campaign, we need to constantly test what works and what doesn't. Once our results are satisfactory, we can then roll out our ads on a larger scale and spend more money.