Kolkata, November 07, 2019

 National Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 sponsored by ICPS Division, Department of Science & Technology is being organized at CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, from 7th to 9th November 2019. The Workshop was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur and Prof. B. Gurumurthy, Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Chief Guest, on 7th November 2019. 109 participants from 31 organizations, including 13 faculties from Institutes of repute across the Nation, participated in the Workshop on an inaugural day.

In his inaugural speech, Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, stated that the multitude of applications of AI has now a wide spectrum under its ambit and ranges from Defense Infrastructure to Medical Solutions. The salient features of AI encompass Real-Time Data Analysis, Predictive Decision-Making, and Mammoth Volume of Data Mining. Since the next generation of the Industrial Revolution focuses primarily upon data-driven analysis, it is of utmost importance that this Nation has a sound Database of Knowledge to act upon. Thus R&D failures should be taken as a stepping stone for the S&T practitioners, whereby every failed step is a Learning Curve for the fraternity. We as Indians should strive to achieve incremental perfections through our failures and thereby steadily aim towards a comprehensive Knowledge Domain.

Dr. Hirani also told that Knowledge is the most valuable currency in today’s scenario. And this Institute strives towards the attainment of ‘Deep Learning’, to achieve profound knowledge. The Global Communications Infrastructure is steadily inclined towards ‘Dematerialization’, whereby physical impediments would be transcended and Cloud Storage espoused for the attainment of Real-Time processing and Instantaneous Complex Decision-Making. Such a holistic course of action will ultimately lead to solid foundations for Industry 4.0.

Prof. B. Gurumurthy, Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, told that Artificial Intelligence and Statistics are very much interdependent. With technology gaining rapid momentum, new avenues have opened up to solve older problems. Such technologies hold the potential to revolutionize the Global Industrial scenario. Besides, Industrial augmentation, AI also holds the key to overhaul human decision-making abilities by providing us with an array of Analytical Data, which was either cumbersome or time-consuming before.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by a very interactive session amongst the participants, Dr. Hirani and Prof. Gurumurthy. During the interactive session, topics ranged from E-Tractors, Drones to various other aspects of Industry 4.0.

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Date: November 07, 2019
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