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Importance of emotional connection while choosing a hosting company

Why do most hosting customers choose, Liquidweb, Inmotionhosting, Hostgator, Bluehost, A2hosting, Greengeeks, and the companies listed as best-hosting providers on The customers have an emotional connection with the above-listed companies and they considered their products as innovative, feature-rich, and value-based. Is that the brand is selected not a product, then what about the customer website hosting needs and requirements? Are the offered products have enough scope and scale to meet all the business needs?

The well-established brands give more importance to attributes that add to the emotional connection to their customers. In hosting business Ananova lists these attributes as Support, Uptime, Infrastructure & Backup. Unlimited resources like bandwidth, webspace, MySQL gets secondary importance. The hosting company managers take the priority features first before making the marketing strategies and plan their actions accordingly. Each of the products identified with the brand, as the management look to create long-term as well as a short-term relationship with their customers. That's created a difference whatever new product they launch, it gets all the value and efficiency features automatically.

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