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Customer Satisfaction on Top Priority

The ‘Top', ‘Best', ‘Affordable', ‘Cheap', ‘One-stop-shop' are a few of the ethos that most web hosting providers pursue. Ananova compares highlights of the hosting services of the providers, thus helping the customers to choose the best as per their needs.

Some of the hosting providers include a lot of jargon words in their marketing like unlimited resources, but actually, they are capped. The ‘unlimited' creates an emotional connection and brings an urgency for a new call to action. A customer starts feeling that one plan could include all its website needs.

The customer once finds itself fixed in a hosting contract realizes the actual reality of the resources provided. That's the start point of dissatisfaction, the customer is asking for more whereas companies say, although it's unlimited, there are certain limits. Most hosting companies fail to explain this to customers. The issues to the customers are meaningful and need to be fixed immediately. All the efforts to build a healthy relationship works till the customer is satisfied.

The hosting industry has yet to realize, that it's not about how much resources the companies are offering in a hosting plan. It's about satisfying the customer's website needs without having any issues. The small hosting companies are doing much better in terms of material customer satisfaction by providing better services and hence have attained emotional fulfillment.

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