Online Businesses gives server security utmost importance. The toughest and unending battle is data safety.

  • Use secure passwords: Client sites hacked, defaced infected or used to spread viruses, by cracking weak passwords. Using non-dictionary words and alphanumeric characters enough to constitute secure passwords. Use unique server passwords not being used elsewhere.
  • cPanel Update Preferences: Select Daily Updates, Operating System Packages and Apache SpamAssassin™ Rules as Automatic. Keep System Updated with all packages including kernel packages to the latest version and remove unnecessary packages. cPanel occassionally provides updates to improve functionality, enhance performance, or to mitigate security risks.
  • Enbale Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for an improved security measure that requires two forms of identification: your password and a generated security code supplied by an app installed on smartphone.
  • Secure SSH: Enable public key authentication for SSH. Change default port 22 to some secure one.
  • Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection to prevent server crash: It denies users having terminal access (SSH/Telnet) the ability to use all of the server resources, thus limiting resource allocation.
  • Turn On cPHulk Brute Force Protection for brute force attacks against web services.
  • Disable Compilers for all accounts (except root) thus denying compiler access to unprivileged users.
  • Enable Apache httpd’s mod_userdir Protection to stop processes on the system to run as the user. Thus, allowing URL's like below for for indicated user
  • Securing Apache: Use Mod Security tool  or Web Application Firewall to prevent the malicious use of Apache. It secure sites against RFI, LFI, XSS, SQL Injection. To install Mod_Security you need to have libxml2 and http-devel libraries and mod_unique_id in apache modules enabled.
  • Upgrade MySQL/MariaDB server to a newer version.
  • Off-site Backups: There is nothing called total security, but if you have up-to-date off-site backups and immediate recovery systems, the business is always secured.
  • Edit host.conf to prevent IP spoofing
    vi /etc/host.conf

    and add the following given below:

    order bind,hosts
    nospoof on
  • Edit named.conf to prevent lookups from dnstools services to reduce server load, if you use bind DNS server
    vi /etc/named.conf
    recursion no;
    restart bind service
    service named restart
  • edit httpd.conf to hide the Apache version number
    vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    ServerSignature Off
  • Install rkhunter tool for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits. It runs tests to:
    • look for hidden files, plaintext and binary files and default files used by rootkits
    • compare MD5 hash and look for wrong file permissons for binaries
    • look for suspected strings in LKM and KLD modules
    cd /home/software
    tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.2.7.tar.gz
    cd rkhunter
    Scan the server with rkhunter
    rkhunter -c
  • Install Anti-Virus ClamAV to protect server against worms and trojans invading files and mailboxes.
    From cPanel -> Manage plugins -> Install ClamAV
    From Command Prompt:
    $ yum install clamav
    Update the antivirus database
    $ freshclam
    Run antivirus
    $ clamscan -r /home
    Add the above command in daily cron job
    crontab -e
    @daily root clamscan -R /home
  • Install Suhosin, an advanced protection system for PHP and Zend Optimizer.

Server aliases are additional names for your virtual host. Unlike domain aliases, they are not added to your DNS zone and are registered only with apache. For instance, if your virtual hostname is and you also would like it to be available at, you should add www server alias to the domain.

SSL Certificates are necessary for the security of the website

SSL Certificates are small data files used to encrypt user's personal information on a server. Authentication is provided to a user for security purpose that their details cannot be shared. Padlock and https protocol are activated at the time of installation on the web server. Personal information of users involves are credit card transactions, logins, and data transfer.

Security of website

Any entrepreneur aims to develop online business and security issue is underestimated. The Internet world is full of risks and threats and building trust of customers is insistent. Anyone can make his business website a risk-free place for his customers. More trust is shown by customer towards the website, more interest in products and services. Customers should believe that their personal information is safe on the website. By winning the trust of customers successfully, there will be possibilities of long success.

Pricing depends on requirements

Many options are offered by a good website security solutions provider at affordable pricing. Analysis of requirements and business scale is necessary before providing authentic website security certificate. A user will get trust on the server with their personal information by perfect security solutions. Further, validation will be extended. Deeply examination of business is involved providing the highest degree of user trust. So, it is necessary to buy SSL certificates.

For unique domain name registration

For domain registration, a user must be alert to make a choice. Business is recognized by domain name and brand will be represented. Many things included in process of a domain name are of business nature, its intensity and scale, targeted audience and products and services which are dealing. Knowledge of online marketing makes an effective domain name. The new online business owner is unable to develop right path then experts will help by implementing knowledge of the entire process.

Important illustrations to fix a domain name

  • Most common users can easily understand.
  • In reference to spellings and grammatical mistakes, it must be completely error-free.
  • The entire web world is recommended by domain name, so it must be insisted strategically.
  • Business should be close to it as much as possible.
  • If anyone is not capable to select ideal domain name then expert help is recommended.
  • It should be clear, sharp and direct to make customers easy understandable.
  • It should include innovation, creativity, domain name experience and language proficiency.
  • It should not contain any confusing or irrelevant word or expression.

Searching is necessary

At the time of website launch, a domain name is most important for both. Research of exact domain name is instant before finalizing domain name for a business. A domain name that reflects business idea and is useful for target audience should be selected.