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IBM Watson

Medical knowledge and technology are growing by leaps and bounds. Correct diagnosis is absolutely indispensable or essential of effective treatment. A big data analytics engine IBM Watson ingests and metabolizes all the medical information in the world. Then it applies it intelligently to an individual situation. The application provides a detailed and accurate medical diagnosis using current symptoms, patient medical history, and environmental trends and other parameters. It is provided to doctors and even individuals to improve productivity and accuracy in health care.

IBM Talent & Transformation service

Reinvent and re-evaluate human resource and talent management strategy using AI and intelligent automation, as talent brings business success.
The companies around the world develop a culture that effectively leverages their employee's skills and enriches them over time. They spent a large chunk of time and resources on talent acquisition, retention and retraining. The workplace technology is rapidly changing as a result of AI and intelligent automation. Its critical for employees to be digitally literate. IBM research says that around 120 million workers in the world 10 largest economies need to be retrained or reskilled. To provide new AI-enhanced talent solutions to support workplace transformation IBM’s Global Business Services group has introduced the IBM Talent & Transformation service.

Watson Recruitment analyzes an organization’s employment history and external data sources. It determines key attributes for success in any given role and then uses AI to surface the most qualified candidates without bias.

Watson Candidate Assistant: Sifts through job-seekers’ employment and educational experience, infers skills and matches a candidate to best fit openings with recommendations.

Watson Career Coach: Serves as a virtual coach and infers employees’ skills, interests, and eminence. Furthermore provides personalized advice to lay the path for career opportunities.

Watson Talent Frameworks: Defines the competencies and skills needed for a successful talent strategy and future-proofs organizations for tomorrow’s workforce in ways customized to their specific industry and needs.

Adverse Impact Analysis (AIA): Leverages Watson AI to analyze, identify and address unconscious bias across an organization’s employment history related to gender, race, age, education, and previous employment.

IBM AI Skills Academy: An educational program, that will help businesses plan, build and apply strategic AI initiatives across the enterprise. It includes evaluating AI roles and skills, building the necessary skills, and creating an organizational structure in support of AI strategy. Its curriculum covers areas essential to AI initiatives, deep learning, and machine learning frameworks, applying algorithms, open source technologies and data visualization. Furthermore, it ensures that businesses make decisions less on “gut” intuition and more on data-driven analytics.

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