When you're looking to find a suitable web host to go with your needs in creating a website choosing a FrontPage Web Hosting solution might just be the way to go. To combine Microsoft FrontPage and supporting web hosting will enable you to create your dynamic website with a click of a button.

Microsoft FrontPage is one of the most popular, powerful and reliable editors available. FrontPage Web Hosting represents a niche market in the form of support for a Web authoring software product. Front page Web Hosting is for Web Hosting plans that include support for FrontPage. Even if you are a novice and just starting to learn, Front Page with its point and click forms, easy navigation, database integration and simply publishing feature is a fantastic testament to great technology.

Microsoft FrontPage is a popular Web site management and creation tool that utilizes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy use. The most essential aspect of FrontPage's success is its design element. FrontPage utilizes the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) design technique. Simply put, the elements you place on the page are edited in the same manner they will be seen. This helps the designer in visualizing the page before and during the design process. Additionally, in FrontPage you can either create Web pages using varied tools and macros that come with FrontPage on the normal layer or you can edit the HTML directly on the HTML layer or a combination of both.

Potential loss of revenue is just one of the reasons for wanting to choose a good Microsoft FrontPage Web host. A problem with the web hosting can affect the other services connected with the domain. Services Such as email and FTP could also be affected, and checking emails may become difficult. Another problem is that, messages could get sent back to the sender and your visitors could come to the conclusion that the site No longer exists.

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage you will need a server with FrontPage extensions.
Some of the features in the last version of FrontPage include:

  • FrontPage 2003 consists of a Split View option to allow the user to code in Code View and preview in Design View without the hassle of switching from the Design and Code View tabs for each review
  • Dynamic Web Templates (DWT) were included for the first time in FrontPage 2003 allowing users to create a single template that could be used across multiple pages and even the whole Web site
  • Interactive Buttons give users a new easy way to create web graphics for navigation and links, eliminating the need for a complicated image-editing package such as Adobe Photoshop
  • The accessibility checker gives the user the ability to check if their code is standards compliant and that their Web site is easily accessible for people with disabilities. An HTML optimizer is included to aid in optimizing code to make it legible and quicker to process
  • Intellisense, which is a form of auto completion, is a key feature in FrontPage 2003 that assists the user while typing in Code View. When working in Code View, Intellisense will suggest tags and/or properties for the code that the user is entering which significantly reduces the time to write code. The Quick Tag Editor shows the user the tag they are currently in when editing in Design View. This also includes the option to edit the specific tag/property from within the Tag Editor
  • Code Snippets give users the advantage to create snippets of their commonly used pieces of code allowing them to store it for easy access whenever it is next needed
  • FrontPage 2003 includes support for programming in ASP.NET a server-side scripting language that adds interactivity to Web sites and Web pages
  • FrontPage 2003 includes support macro in VBA

Welcome to our FrontPage Hosting Showcase. Microsoft FrontPage was an easy to use application that allowed web hosting users to make rich content web sites without being web site developers. While Microsoft does not technically support Microsoft FrontPage anymore, many hosting providers still provide hosting services that support the use of Microsoft FrontPage and FrontPage extensions. Those new to Web hosting will find that Microsoft has since released easy to use successors to FrontPage, including Microsoft Expression Web and Microsoft WebMatrix. Both are an easy to use software tool that enables users to author Web pages and build professional feature-rich websites. There are several Web Hosting companies listed below who can get you started right away.