In today's scenario, every person is using social networks to develop contacts either a noble person, doctor or a businessman. And in any business website plays an important role. Here is the reason why you should think about your website and its web-hosting. Nowadays, websites are a necessity and a part of every business whether you are an entrepreneur ready to launch your startup or you already have an established business. Websites are one of the most important parts of integrated marketing to interact with our audience and for promotion and distribution of the product.

There are different categories of web hosting from which the client has the freedom to choose and one of them is Dedicated Hosting. It is ideal hosting for the site of larger businesses which invites high user traffic. This is a kind of hosting where we pay for an entire server which is not shared by any other client. In such hosting, there is no competition between the clients for resources like space and memory storage. Along with the unique IP Address, dedicated server and dedicated hosting have some other beneficial features, such as:-

  1. Customization: It is the biggest advantage of dedicated hosting. As the client's server is not shared with other hosting accounts, the client has an extreme level of control over the server and can be configured at the client’s discretion.
  2. Flexibility: As compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting is much more flexible as the clients can handle all the variables on which the reliability and stability of the server is dependent.
  3. Configuration: It is highly advantageous, as we can choose how to operate the system, hardware and software and applications to be installed, etc.
  4. Managed & Unmanaged: The client can choose between the types of dedicated hosting. In managed dedicated hosting the web host company provides IT support in security, memory storage, designing and development of the site etc. But in the case of unmanaged dedicated hosting, it does not participate in any way and the client requires an in-house expertise.

With high quality comes a higher cost. Dedicated servers provide a freedom in the management of the website, but still is not used by many companies, only because of the price. Its cost is higher than the shared hosting but with the aforementioned benefits, it is worth it.

Now when we know in brief about dedicated hosting, comes the decision to take the step. There are around 40K webhosting companies which make it very difficult to choose a good provider for hosting. Here is, which gives impartial data driven reports and reviews of web hosting sites for making the process of choosing the web host much easier.

Choosing the right web host is highly beneficial for any company as it has its impact on the company's website which shows its credibility and stability to the user.