Just concentrate on your web content…rest will be taken care by phpWCMS

We love to know, we love to study, and we love to know the life of the people surrounding us. That still today the most popular way to know is to read.we love to read. It is the most reliable source of knowledge to us. But as time has changed a lot, our lifestyle has also changed a lot. To seat idle in our garden chair reading our favorite novel, stories or a newspaper is a thing of past and is considered as a sweet dream now; but it does not at all mean that we will stop reading. Our very near friend, the internet has come to rescue us from this crisis. We can read books online, write online. Hence internet gives us the golden opportunity to express our views online and gain knowledge. But have we ever thought which software is behind creating this magic? This wonderful software is known as content management system. Let us know about such a content management tool that has made our online reading and blogging a complete success, this software is named as phpWCMS.

The most preferred feature of any content management system is that it is expected to be enough flexible to be used on any operating system with any browser. phpwcms, as the name, suggests works with the assistance of PHP language and stores its data in MySQL database. Use of these two popular language and database makes it flexible to work on any operating system with any web browser, be it Windows or Linux, or be it internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Another fact of delight regarding this application is that it is open source, that is, it can be used and downloaded by anyone free of cost. It is licensed under GNU General Public License which is a free license.

phpwcms is a wonderful software that gives you the freedom to do many things other than just structuring your website. This software keeps your website layout and content separate helps you in making any change of content easy. You get a glossary facility with this application that helps you to indexes your web content making viewing of contents easy. Glossary also gives an organized view of your website. This application facilitates you with the opportunity to add a shopping cart to your website. This makes life easy for your customers. They can add their preferred products to the shopping cart and buy them later. You can design every page of your website separately with the help of this application. There are numerous templates available to suit the content and mood of your website. The page layout wizard helps you in designing the web pages easily. You can add tables and custom your web pages. Each separate web page can be made unique by adding a different template, glossary and shopping cart in each page.

Thus, phpWCMS is a smart web application made in keeping all your web content management issues in mind. From template based articles to redirection facilities to other web pages, this application is a must for a smooth running of your website. Thus, switch to this smart content management system and get a popular website with comfort.