Gone are the days when the internet was a safe place to be. Today it abounds with all kinds of malpractices and nothing can be tagged as completely secure until special efforts are made to do so. Any program that can be executed is under threat just because it can be executed. Anyone anywhere can hack into systems, servers and into your website. The lust for quick money drives people to do these illegal things. So we have to be really careful when it comes to website security measures. Taking the right ones at the right time can sure save you a lot of trouble.

Today most of the website developers, especially bloggers look towards PHP, CGI, Perl scripts. There are many numbers of web hosting service providers that provide with script hosting services like PHP, CGI or Pearl script hosting. They provide plans that are just good enough for any website, they are affordable and reliable. They will let you run custom or even enhanced scripts on the web server. Script hosting sometimes provides you with pre-installed scripts and sometimes one might have to add scripts manually after paying a fee.

Most of the scripts are available for free. But while selecting your preferred scripts one need to be very cautious. Many of the scripts have been known to have exploitable bugs. They have their security holes. Thus while using the utmost care must be taken that these do not give away any information to a hacker and that any remote user might not be able to execute commands on your server. Before starting to use a particular script it is essential that you understand how it works, what is its complexity level, does it read or write files, at any point does it interact with other programs and so on. By being aware of the script features and characteristics one can be sure that there are no security breaches.

Script hosting is being provided by many web hosts. And all most all of them provide Fantastico. It is a preferred tool which facilitates downloading of new scripts as per the requirements, installing and using them.

Whenever you go ahead to pick a web host for script hosting, few factors must be carefully weighed. For instance, it must be clear that how much bandwidth and how much web space will be allocated. Also, what are the charges for different scripts? It should not exceed the standard rates of the market. Also, it will be great if a tool like Fantastico is offered. If it is not offering the same then it will be a good idea to explore the features of whichever tool is being provided for script installation, before you zero down on one option. Also one must ensure that the company that you choose will host your web page or website on a good quality, fast server. Also which operating system is being used on servers, this should be clear. Most of these companies, which give good script hosting services, offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is almost mandatory. Also, another factor that one has to keep in mind is the control panel that is being provided for website management. This is particularly important when you are planning to work with a PHP script.

When you are looking for fast and reliable web hosting which will not burn a huge hole in your pocket it will be wise to weigh your options on various factors as mentioned above. The security of your website should be treated as a major factor for the same.