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Encrypted Secure Voice Calls

Encrypted Secure Voice Calls on Messaging AppsMost businesses use Skype, Google Voice, WhatsApp, Open Source Telephony Network (OSTN), Hushed, Guardlock for voice and chat communication. As well as sending media, audio, and files, create and leave groups. The business wants secrecy and in any case, does not like being snooped and traced. These messaging apps offer end-to-end encryption to make voice calls and text chats. It makes impossible to eavesdroppers to intercept messages or listen to the conversation.

Microsoft Private Skype Conversations

Available as opt-in for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux users. It allows users one private conversation at a time and can switch to another device. Once, the ‘New Private Conversation selected the invite sent to the recipient to accept proceed.


The latest version of the WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted by default where the company does not hold any decryption keys.


It uses AI to optimize each call and learn for the next time to improve quality. The calls built upon the time-tested end-to-end encryption of Telegram’s Secret Chats. The communicators compare four emojis as a key exchange to ensure an encrypted call.

Signal chat app from Open Whisper Systems

It enables private video chat on Android and iOS mobiles. The company added domain fronting option routing all messages through Google's domain to stop governments in nations like Egypt from blocking them.

Backdoors in Encryption

Government View

Australian government pushes encryption backdoors to tackle terror investigation. They want to punish the companies for facilitating or allowing terrorist to communicate using encrypted platforms.

Companies View

The companies consider that it would damage their reputation, as people value personal privacy and security. Many people trust communication platforms far more than their governments.

Customers View

Encryption makes communication safe and secure and hence compromise with backdoors is not acceptable. Nowadays we store everything online which include financial details, identities, necessary files. If the government allowed to have data access, it would enforce government officials to threaten everybody. Backdoor entries would make the system vulnerable and would provide opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit. Terrorism is now a world's problem, and everybody is against them, instead of taping the conversation, the agencies must frame stringent rules and frames, so the anti-social can't get the access.