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Microsoft SMTP Service

Microsoft SMTP Service uses the SMTP protocol to transport and deliver messages. Messages transferred between remote mail servers and the Drop directory designated for the default domain. Client and server connections to SMTP do not involve user interactions and tend to be fairly short. Microsoft SMTP Service is designed to provide quick turnaround on connections to maximize messages-per-second processing.

How Microsoft SMTP Service Works?
When a message is placed in the Pickup directory or comes in through the designated TCP port, it is placed in the Queue directory. If the recipients are local, the message is delivered. If they are non-local, the message is processed for remote delivery.

Local Message Delivery

If a message is determined to be for a local recipient, the message is moved from the Queue directory to the Drop directory designated for the default domain. Once deposited in the Drop directory, the Microsoft SMTP Service delivery cycle is complete. The Drop directory can be designated on the Domain Properties property sheet.

Remote Message Delivery

The following list describes the processes that Microsoft SMTP Service uses to deliver remote messages:

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