Dedicated server means a single web server which is dedicated to one client in a network. It is opposite of shared hosting and here the client leases the whole server and thus is more flexible. The term “Dedicated server” means the server which is allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client website only to serve its need. For e.g. In a network, there are many computers from which some of them are dedicated to an internet connection, some are dedicated to scanner resources, few of them are dedicated to printer resources, some of them are serving as a firewall and others are doing some other job. Thus in the whole network, all these computers are assigned a particular or specific task in the network and they all are working on them i.e. dedicated to their respective tasks. Thus, they all are known as dedicated servers, serving all the needs of the whole network.

We understand what is a dedicated server and what does it do, but here we are discussing about cheap dedicated servers, means those servers which are allocated to a single client only to host their website at a very cheap price or at the most affordable price by the web hosting companies.

Actually dedicated servers are very expensive. Its not easy to afford them. The companies who are providing dedicated server have a large capital base. Small and medium-sized companies cannot even meet the expense of a dedicated server. Even few of the companies charge very high fees and sometimes charge extra for consultancy also in case any client requires technical knowledge. In all, dedicated servers prove to be very costly to use it, thus here introduced the concept of cheap servers.

A cheap dedicated server hosting

Here few companies are given, which offers you their dedicated servers on very low price, with complete Unix/Linux or Windows web server based dedicated hosting solutions with all the cheap hosting features and tools which you can buy to host your website.

Why Cheap Dedicated server hosting is better to serve your hosting needs

Cheap dedicated servers hosting companies have a very good staff, having experts who possess the required skills in handling customer queries and respond the customers in a fast and effective manner. Their main focus is on the support they provided to their client i.e. it should be cordial, approachable.T hey also offer the companies with dependability, flexibility, and consistency for their proper growth and development.W ith cheap dedicated hosting more of bandwidth and disk storage space can be acquired and with powerful resources, cheap hosting is beneficial for sites that are facing a problem of a high volume of traffic. You can have a good site experience also as hosting providers will provide you improved security and performance and most important is that the server is all yours so your visitors will also have a good browsing experience.

Types of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Basically, there are two kinds of a cheap dedicated server hosting one is the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the other is the actual cheap dedicated servers. Virtual Private Server is very popular and it is a good option for those who don’t need a full server for their business but wants the freedom and control as well as the cheaper option if compared with a full dedicated server. Another is actual cheap dedicated servers which you can control yourself but they are not very popular.

Benefits of Cheap Dedicated Servers

A cheap dedicated server is mainly used by those who own a new website to provide support to their website on the internet. Small and medium-sized companies prefer cheap dedicated servers due to its low operational costs. There are few factors which may affect the cost of the dedicated server like bandwidth, management of the server, hardware, backup of data, and many other and as per the customer’s needs and administrative abilities, all of these requirements can change also.