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Tiny CMS Hosting

CMS is another name for content management system. Now while using this application you can exercise full control over your website. This application will allow you to manage every speck of content on your website effectively. You can also use the designing templates within this application to design a website. the good news is that you need not have any technical knowledge such as HTML and back hand coding. With this application you can keep your website fresh by uploading new content on a regular basis.

Introduction to Tiny CMS Hosting

This is an open source application that runs on PHP script. This application has very simple scripts that has administration panels and themes that are very easy to use. The documentation files should be provided very soon. Since everything is file based there is no need for a data base. You do not even have to set up the application you can simply log on to the administration panel and you can start editing right away. All you have to do is carry out some modifications to CSS files and the HTML files.

The advantages of using Tiny CMS Hosting

The features of Tiny CMS Hosting

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