Multiple domain web hosting or multiple web hosting domain is basically a small reseller web hosting plan which allows you to host additional domain names (different websites) on the same hosting account. You don't have to buy an additional hosting plan for your next website.

In general, multiple domain hosting refers to a web hosting arrangement in which the provider permits you to run all of your domains on a single account. This gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money because instead of purchasing service from multiple hosts, you simply sign up with one company and manage your websites from a centralized area.

In terms of convenience, you can log into your account and administer the features and services for each individual domain via the same control panel. Multiple domain hosting not only provides you with an affordable solution, but one that offers the ultimate in convenience.

While this is an ideal arrangement for most, there are some drawbacks. Many providers will only allow you to host a single domain or website on a single account. This is not a problem if you only intend to create a single website. However, it becomes a different story later down the road when your expanding web presence calls for you to set up more websites. In order to accomplish this, you would normally have to purchase a separate account for each new domain for which you wish to create a website.

Maintaining a multitude of sites can be an expensive venture, but multiple domain hosting is an arrangement that offers a viable and cost effective solution.

There are numerous benefits of multiple domain hosting. Perhaps the most significant advantage of all is that it provides you with the ability to increase visibility and expand your web presence in various ways. Depending on the number of domains you are permitted to host, you can set up web environments, such as a content rich news site, an online magazine, directory, e-commerce store, or one dedicated to promoting your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

With popular and easy to use application installers you can really make the most of multiple domain hosting with programs that allow you to incorporate blogs, community forums, photo galleries, support centers and robust content management systems. This type of hosting is one that allows you to let your creativity run wild and conquer the web from various angles.

Multiple domain hosting has become quite common on the market – which means you should have no trouble finding yourself an affordable package. In fact, the price for this type of arrangement is generally in the same ballpark of traditional shared hosting plans.

Getting multiple domains is really a very easy feat to accomplish and it is incredibly common. All web hosting companies allow multiple domain names; however, some basic packages do limit the number of domains that can be registered to the account.

For the person who is just beginning, this will likely not be a large concern; however, later on it could be an issue. Luckily, most web hosting companies allow their customers to easily upgrade their web hosting package to have more domains very easily.