In a dedicated website hosting there is a single server while if the server is distributed among several customers than it is known as shared website hosting. Dedicated hosting is better for the large complicated websites that expect to receive 1,000 or more visitors a day. Also it's a best option for a developer who wants to research and test new internet technologies.

While shared hosting is helpful for small companies and individuals with small sites. These are comparatively more reasonable but be assure that a host with a good reputation will protect our site from others that can put our site at risk too.

Our website is stored on a server, simply like as our data is in our computers and whenever a request comes on internet it has to respond on that. A four numbers individual address known as Internet Protocol (IP) is allotted to each and every server separated by dots such as 123.456.78.9.

All the resources of the server, as well as the IP address, are exclusive to a website and we can use it as we want with a help of dedicated server. A single site as well as many can be hosted/ operated. We have a right of entry to the entire bandwidth of the server, and we can use as much disk space as needed in our hosting. A dedicated hosting is proved to be better for the companies with large complex websites and receiving lots of traffic. A dedicated server also enable the site to run any kind of script chooses by us. This proves to be beneficial for those who are developing new scripts for their business and wanted to test them without affecting other websites.

If all the resources of the computer for that website are shared by single server is known as shared hosting or in other words Shared hosting allow us to place several websites on the same server, all sharing the same disk space, bandwidth, and IP address. A specified amount of disk space and band width to be used per month is limited by the host in order to provide satisfactory services to all the shared sites. A substantial penalty or a temporary closed down of Sites is charged/ done if they exceed their limit.

The amount of traffic receiving by the site is more important than a number of sites being shared by a particular server.

Since arriving requests are dealt with on a sequential order and also each server has a limited amount of bandwidth than there will be a long waiting queue. This may affect our neighboring sites very quickly as it depends on the wellness of our website display.

Shared hosting is a lot cheaper than dedicated one because the cost of operating the server is divided among many customers. It's started for as little as $2 a month, while dedicated hosting can cost $100 per month.

In Shared hosting there are many risks associated with it. The entire server could be affected if the one programmed script run by the neighbors goes bad. Sometimes in extreme situations this may result in shut down of our site for a moment. If a search engine banned any neighbor for spamming tactics, which may affect everyone’s sharing that IP address. So it's a good idea to first check the hosting companies to find out their policy for third-party scripts and inappropriate activities.