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Linux Shell

Linux ShellAutomate repetitive and Complex Tasks

It is a command interpreter that provides a line-oriented interactive and non-interactive interface between the user and the operating system. The commands entered by the command line interpreted by the shell and then sent as instructions to the operating system. The command-line interface is accessible from GNOME and KDE through Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. The commands placed in a script are executed consequently like a program.

Advantages of Using Linux Shell Over Graphical User Interface

Linux Shell

$ echo $0: shows the name of the shell
$ echo $SHELL: shows the path to the shell

Shell Sign

To view default shell, execute the command

echo $SHELL


The shell allows a user to create simple batch scripts or Power shell scripts to automate certain processes.

According to MacNN the latest developer release of Apple Mac OS X “Panther” has changed its default shell from tcsh to bash. macOS built on top of Unix offers a robust command-line environment that provides a non-interactive shell to write scripts that automate actions. Since Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Mac’s default shell is the Bourne-again shell or Bash.

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