A website gives a customer a ‘shop-front’ that is not only for 24 hours a day or seven days a week but it is also situated right on their desktop. A website gives the customer. A customer can access information on all your products, no more sales person with limited knowledge trying to explain something. No more waiting lines for help, all people will access immediately.

A domain name of your website gives great freedom to the business process. Having your own name is like having an address, then infinite emails can be added to the name so different departments within the company can be reached without having to wait at reception.

A domain name adds professional authenticity. In the area of communication, the email system opens up many avenues. Instead of having to put clients on hold because of limited personnel, innumerable email can arrive at once, even when there is no one in the office. Website and domain name is easy, simple and most importantly it’s very cost-effective process. It’s a key door to anyone those who want to enter into a mall.

The corporate domain name hosting plan is the ideal web hosting solution for those who require extra features for a more efficient website. These include additional webspace, email addresses, and professional technical support. In addition, the clients have the option of choosing a UNIX or Windows server hosting package. Browse our website and sign up for the cheap corporate e-commerce hosting solution.

The Best Corporate Hosting Services :
Our corporate web hosting account is perfect for businesses looking for the stable and reliable web hosting option. We offer our clients the most affordable way to take advantage of the best hosting features and to present a very professional image on the Internet. With plenty of space and useful features, this corporate domain name hosting account will give you room to grow as your business grows.

Corporate Web Hosting Reseller Plan :
Reseller website hosting is the perfect option for those of you who want to start their own Internet hosting business without worries about servers’ setup, monitoring, and all other technical issues. We’ll do all the technical staff for you – so you can focus entirely on making your business grow! As our hosting reseller, you can create as many hosting plan variations as you like. You will have the flexibility to monitor each client\'s disk and bandwidth usage using the H-Sphere Software. We remain completely in the background and manage the server hardware and software for you.

Expand your online presence and take advantage of our corporate web hosting packages. We have all the facilities to fit any customer’s needs because our affordable corporate e-commerce hosting solution and personal website hosting plans range from simple basic plans to professional packages with lots of features.