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Comparing E-commerce Web Hosting

Electronic Commerce, basically known as e- commerce, is an industry where buying and selling of services and products conducted through an electronic system. This can be done over the internet and other computer applications. E-commerce relies on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, automated data collection system and many others.
This technology is considered to be the sales aspects of online business. Through electronic commerce exchange of data and payment aspects of the business, a transaction can be done. Nowadays e-commerce industry is an efficient and effective way of communicating within an organization. After the development of electronic commerce, online business is very popular and less time-consuming.

E-commerce Website Builder: Comparison Chart for 2016

There are so many eCommerce website builders you can choose from. Which one is the best eCommerce hosting, you can go through the following top e-commerce website builder. Moreover, they can easily understand and maintained by the beginner.


Having been providing professional business hosting, Weebly is the most secure and cost-effective option for grown-ups. It is the most popular site business in US. If we go through its technical interface, it has menu on the left-hand side for easy access. Simple drag and drop action to add text. Its pricing structure is also very affordable- basic plan is free along with advertising link in bar at the bottom of the screen.

· domain name is included for only one year.
· Email account purchased separately.


Jimdo, in recent years, became a major website builder worldwide. It helps to remove barriers so that you can design your own professional websites. Working with Jimdo is very simple, and its activation process only takes some minutes. According to recent results, Jimdo has created around 200000 shops since March 2010.

· Flexibility of templates


Everything in Squarespace is fresh, cool and impeccable. Its home page is visually impressive. Squarespace has introduced latest version 7 covering features such as Getty Images, Cover page builders, and Google apps. Users can edit content live, without switching between preview mode and site manager.

· Relatively expensive


Today Wix is the most popular website builder and hosts 70 million web sites. Very attractive layouts created for restaurants, artists like photographers and musicians and small businesses. For professional features like priority support or own domain name, you can select from their five premium plans ranging from ‘Connect Domain’ to ‘VIP.'

· Chosen template cannot be changed easily.


Webnode is one of the biggest website builders. They can create a fully multilingual web presence. It has a range of professional features.


While searching for eCommerce web host or website builders, it is important to select one which offers room to grow. Upgrading website through various hosting plans is necessary. There are plans for every hosting such as VPS, shared or dedicated. Now more and more customers are doing online shopping. E-commerce websites meet the demand and competition along with security, uptime, and reliability.

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