Summary Reports contain the basic information about the organizations, users, visits and requests analyzed from the log file. Detail reports add additional statistics, charts, graphs, and tables to show a more comprehensive picture of the usage.

Report Writer can produce twelve different pre-configured summary reports. The following list indicates what each summary report shows, and what it will help you determine about your Web site.

  • Bandwidth : Lists the average amount of bandwidth used each day, and offers analyses by day of week, hour of a day, and work vs. non-work hours. This helps to determine if special circumstances are saturating bandwidth and causing performance problems, or if connection problems are suggested by abnormal bandwidth usage.
  • Browser and Operating System : Indicates which browsers and operating systems the visitors to your site are using, and whether you should adjust your content to accommodate them.
  • Executive : Highlights the information contained in the Detail reports.
  • Executive Summary for Extended Logs : Highlights the information in the Detail reports for users of extended log files.
  • Geography : A summary of the Geography detail report.
  • Hit : A summary of the Hit detail report.
  • Organization : A summary of the Organization detail report.
  • Path : Lists the sequence of requests that a user makes when navigating through your site, indicating whether links need to be rearranged to facilitate access to key content on your site.
  • Referrer : A summary of the Referrer detail report.
  • Request : A summary of the Request detail report.
  • User : A summary of the User detail report.
  • Visit: A summary of the Visit detail report.