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IOTs M2M Communication Technology And Solutions

M2M Communication

Machines do communicate with each other or with master machines and produce tons-tons of data harnessed by owner or maker. More than trillion devices are connected to the Internet, so one can imagine the volume of big data produced. It enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans.

With the advent of 4G and 5G, IOTs no longer need to rely on costly, traditional, and power hungry 2G or 3G communications. The 4G consumes less energy with low deployment cost and can reach the building and a large number of units.

Technology Components: M2M Communication

LTE CAT-M1, Cat NB1 unit

TE Cat is an LPWA (low-power wide-area) air interface that allows connecting IoT and machine-to-machine devices (M2M). It enables longer battery lifecycles with low power consumption and greater in‑building range. Furthermore supports voice functionality, full mobility, humidity detection, SOS, and more.


IOT's (Internet of Things) equipped with sensors and RFID tags communicate their status by measuring certain environmental parameters.
RFID tag is a radio transmitter with little antenna that responds and communicates essential information to special readers through Radio Frequency (RF) channels). When a passive RFID tag comes in the vicinity of an RF reader and tickled, the tag responds by broadcasting a fixed identifying code. An RFID tag has battery and storage to store and communicate the information. Every communication between RFID and RF reader generates a log entry.

SCADA and remote monitoring

It helps to remotely manage and control data from equipment.

SIM-based machine to machine (M2M) communication

The Indian government is planning a 13-digit number from July 01, 2018 for M2M communication and have informed TSPs (Telecom service providers) operators, including state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). This number would be for controlling various devices including a surveillance camera, car, and child-tracking devices and smart electric meters using the internet.

WiFi or Cellular communications

Autonomic computing

A software programmed to help a network device interpret data and make decisions and automated actions.

M2M standards in IoT Settings

Utility: IOTs M2M Communication

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