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Virtual Server Control Panel

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Virtual Server Control Panel

Your virtual server comes with a choice of end-user control panels. We offer both a Plesk Control panel and a Webmin control panel which will allow users to administer their systems with ease. Unlike many providers, our control panels are included in the price you pay! No hidden extras.

The virtual server management capability offered within Cortex enables hosted service providers to rapidly deliver to market a cloud-based “virtual datacenter” offering.

About Virtual Server:-

The term is used for emphasizing that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers' virtual machines, is in many respects functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is dedicated to the individual customer's needs, has the privacy of a separate physical computer, and can be configured to run server software.

The concept behind server virtualization is a specific example of the same concepts that led to the development of time-sharing and multiprogramming. Generally, client users tend to ask for computer resources in a “bursty” fashion, demanding fast-as-possible response to requests but then entering long periods of no activity while they examine the results.

Virtual Server Control Panel Features

  1.  Create Virtual Server using Operating System Template
  2. Configure Virtual Server settings;
  3.  CPU's Cores
  4.  RAM
  5. Hard drive Space
  6. Number of Snapshots
  7. View resource usage including CPU, RAM, and Hard drives
  8. Reboot, Shut Down, Start, Turn Off, Pause, and Reset Virtual Server
  9. Configure External Network, Add new IP's, Set Primary IP
  10. Reinstall Hyper-v Server Operating System
  11. Browse DVD Media Library to install software on Virtual Server

Virtual server control panel is the latest technology to host your websites

With the help of virtual server hosting, the present multinational organizations are enjoying an immensely good experience in web hosting. Linux virtual server is the most popular option that users choose because it is an open-source platform. The web developers are able to edit the codes according to their own benefits. With Linux virtual server, these codes are used to improve the applications and software.

Control panel web hosting is a method which is helpful for any kind of web hosting such as dedicated hosting, virtual hosting or shared hosting. With the help of control panel web hosting, the web hosting companies gain more profit per server. With the help of virtual server hosting, domains can be managed perfectly well. It is a hassle-free system. This system helps the customers to be tension free so that they can manage their accounts very well.

There are many benefits of virtual server hosting. A user always wants full control over the data and the information that is present on the server. With the help of Linux virtual server, a user is able to take the full management of data and server to a different level. There are various easy methods to control the user accounts. Thus, with the help of virtual server control panel the user is able to control various user accounts including his account with ease.

There is a type of control panel hosting known as parallel hosting. This kind of hosting is very beneficial for those users who are not so comfortable with the servers. With the help of this type of control panel hosting, navigation has become completely easy. The user interface is also very user-friendly and very smooth to handle. That is the reason as to why users are able to access all the important data and other related information easily.

There are various features provided by the Linux virtual server hosting providers. While installing the setup, the web hosting companies provide you with many additional applications that help the customers to access data and information along with the operating system. The operating system is much more flexible to use. Another point that many web hosting companies keep in mind is sharing data and information safely. Email hosting is done by every web hosting company very cautiously so that any kind of confidential information is not leaked. The business organizations share confidential data with their clients as well as store them on the servers.

Virtual server control panel is beneficial for those companies that want to host private networks. These private web hosting spaces are versatile enough so that the users have more flexibility in accessing data and information. Another advantage of Linux virtual server is that it is very reasonably rated by all the web hosting companies. Customer support is also very important because users want good support from the team. With the help of Linux virtual server, there are additional features that the users are able to access and thus, virtual server hosting is a success with the customers.

Prevent Virtual Server Failure

OnApp has launched a new Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for the OnApp cloud platform. OnApp DRaaS provides customers to use OnApp’s integrated storage system to create resilient local cloud storage on the hardware they are already using. Customers will be able to replicate in real-time to an OnApp DRaaS site without influencing performance. OnApp DRaaS can replicate virtual server data by using distributed cloud capacity over secure connections in real-time. Cloud providers can combine OnApp DRaaS with other backup and failover capabilities by OnApp to create services with the appropriate price characteristics for all levels of applications. Building on OnApp Storage, OnApp DRaaS uses block-level write intercepts for virtual servers for a real-time replication of the server’s data.

The key features are:-

  1. There is a Real-time data replication which restores to OnApp clouds.
  2. It enables service providers to offer Consultant Data Protection for enterprise applications.
  3. It expands the range of those applications that businesses want to host ‘in the cloud’
  4. For cloud provisioning and management there is a full integration with OnApp’s intuitive control panel.
  5. There is intuitive disaster recovery for an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the replication status of clouds and virtual servers.

In two models OnApp DRaaS will be offered. The two models:- the first OnApp manages the remote replication sites and the second cloud providers will monitor replication sites.

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