Together, Online business and social media bring traffic and the new audience to your site.
Different Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Facebook: 2 billion active user

The efforts made by business professionals always trying new things with social media mix. Overall success and growth come with an increase in traffic and branding, henceforth, increasing the revenue. With an increase in mobile users, companies started focussing on connecting audience through mobile. The websites are mobile responsive, and even companies are creating separate campaigns for desktop and mobile.

Instagram – Social Media App

Most users are from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Europe, Asia, and South America, with just a few in Australia and Africa. In October 2019, added ‘dark mode' available with the iOS 13 operating system, blacking out the background of the feed to make it easier on the eyes at night.

Immunity to Social Media Channels

Social Media channels allow users to post or upload content, including text, photos, and videos for community engagement. Sometimes users upload or distribute copyrighted material without the owner's permission. In such cases, the website providers unknowingly are violating the author’s exclusive rights. The federal Copyright Act of 1976 grants to authors various exclusive rights to their works, including the exclusive right to publicly display and distribute those works.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): The Congress passed DMCA in 1998 under which, a “safe harbor” provision provides Internet service providers (“ISPs”), which includes web hosting services and websites, with immunity to copyright infringement liability if certain conditions met. To qualify for “safe harbor” protection, the ISP must register a “Designated Agent” with the U. S. Copyright Office to receive the notices to remove infringing materials sent by the copyright owner. Thus, any company operating a website that permits users to provide content, such as by submitting reviews, comments, or uploading photos or video, may benefit from the protections of the DMCA.