People are often confused on how to start their own web hosting company.

Nowadays its not very difficult to build your own hosting empire.

Its always suggested to start business with reseller hosting inspite of dedicated hosting.Buy good reseller hosting package so that you can resell hosting packages to your clients. You may start with 1 Gb reseller package and upgrade it later when business network expands. 1 Gb space may cost you $10 per month, rate varies at different hosting companies. You may like to check our cheap reseller hosting packages too.

  • Hire a website designer to get your own hosting website designed in a very professional manner. You can even read various templates available for this on internet.It should be attractive and accurate.
  • Billing Software – Its very necessay to have a billing software installed on your web hosting website so that your clients may place their order and renew it on time. You can integrate online payment gateways also in those softwares so that you may accept payments through credit card.
  • Payment gateway – Accepting online payments is must for any hosting company. You should sign up for an merchant account so that you accept online payments.
  • You must accept requests from popular and unfamiliar merchant accounts also.
  • Support software – To provide proper support to your hosting customers is very very important . Its always good to have support sofwtare installed on your website so that customers can open support tickets incase they have any issues or questions.
  • Advertising and Marketing – After you have integrated everything and your site is online you should advertise your business in directories, search engines, other popular websites etc.

You must be clear in understanding your website visitors that for which purpose you have made your hosting company.Its key offers and benefits.