The best web hosting companies provide Server uptime guarantee in web hosting services

Server uptime guaranteeFor those companies that have databases stored in the servers, it is very important that the servers are always up and running. That is why the uptime of a server is very important in understanding the performance of the server. For a web hosting company to provide web hosting services, it is very important to put the trust in the customers that these companies provide server uptime guarantee in web hosting services.

Web Host’s Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee is a measure of performance, reliability, and satisfaction. No web host is 100% perfect, each and everyone faces problems like Hard drive failures, DDoS attacks, network failure, hardware maintenance, faulty code, DNS setting issue, electricity outage and many more.
Almost every web host from the cheap web to WordPress provider promises uptime guarantee and states its services better than its competitor. A customer needs a proof, which could come out by gauging total time online or up for the already hosted websites on that server. The numbers revealed by hosting companies 99.9, 99.99, or 100%, it calculated on 100 days basis, shows a major difference of 21.6 hrs.

Server uptime guarantee represents Performance

The uptime is a term that is frequently used today in the web hosting industries to measure the performance of a server. The servers store huge data and information on their hard disks. They have to be connected to the networks always. Thus, there might be some failure or fail in connection with the networks. The server might be down sometimes. Thus, these web hosting companies have to continuously monitor the servers so that they always remain up and running.

Some of the best web hosting companies, offering server uptime guarantee in web hosting services use particular networks which are not connected to any other telephone lines or any other services. This way any other networks do not clash with the server network and the servers, as a result, perform excellently. The best web hosting companies also use better and larger bandwidth so that the connectivity does not fail and is faster than normal networks.

Regular Backups for Server uptime guarantee

Data backup is very important in case any of the servers fail suddenly. The data centers are managed perfectly well by these companies so that during the failing of the servers the users can work with the backup data with ease. Another point that is very important is that to provide Server uptime guarantee in web hosting services the web hosting companies should configure the network connections properly. If the network connections are configured well, then there will be no issue with the networks being down.

Many of the web hosting companies advertise excellent Server uptime guarantee but do not provide it. You have to be very careful with these companies. At first, you should enquire from the previous customers whether these companies really provide the best Server uptime guarantee in web hosting services or not. If not, you should immediately move on to other companies who have a reputation in the market. If a web hosting company provides good services to the customers, then surely it will have a good reputation in the market and new customers will trust that company.

There is always a chance for the server to go down, in that case, you must know how much loss you have to incur before starting a project with the web hosting company. If it costs you more, then obviously you should not proceed with the company and move on with other companies. If it costs you less, then you can always choose that particular company and start your project with that company. Along with the excellent quality of services in web hosting and backup of important data and information, these companies will obviously provide Server uptime guarantee for web hosting services.