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Dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated server

In terms of Web hosting, a dedicated server is a computer which has an internet connection and includes related software and a web server and is rented from the web hosting company, but in renting, a client is required to use the computer system. Few hosting companies also allow their renter to do virtual hosting for their websites and provide easy to use control interface. It is needed for a website which has a lot of traffic. Most of the Web hosting companies say that using a dedicated server on their place saves security system, internet connection, router, administration costs and network costs thus it is beneficial for them to provide the dedicated servers on a rental basis to their clients. It also includes E-mail, FTP (File transfer protocol) and domain name system.

Thus the term “Dedicated server” indicates the server which is allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the client website only to serve its need. One thing is to be noted here that all the servers are not dedicated servers.

Dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated server web hosting means the type of Web hosting or the Internet hosting in which client leases the entire server from the web hosting company to host its website. Here the client is not required to share its system resources with someone else.

Dedicated server web hosting is better than Shared web hosting

If we compare dedicated server web hosting with shared web hosting, then former is more flexible and powerful and it allows its customers also to enjoy full freedom and have entire control over their website. It also allows you to choose an OS for your machine and you can run any software supported by it due to the SSH connection. Dedicated server web hosting plans offer very powerful and flexible hardware architectures, good network,3 dedicated IP’s, huge storage space, RAM allocations for fulfilling the needs of your website hosting. They also administer your dedicated hosting web server, provide good data backup, time to time Operating System updates, server monitoring, custom software installation and script troubleshooting services. Web hosting companies also deploy various software programs for scanning systems and networks so as to prevent spammers, hackers, invaders, viruses and other harmful difficulties like Trojans, Worms, and crashers. They are suitable for web development and system administrator professionals. Dedicated hosting server providers define their level of management based on the services they provide.

Who uses Dedicated server web Hosting?

Dedicated server web Hosting is mainly used by businesses or advanced users who face the problem of a lot of traffic means they run high traffic websites and by very complex databases and CPU-intensive applications.

Support to manage the server

To manage the server, hosting providers provide fully managed support which includes monitoring, security patches, up gradation of software, reboots, and operating system upgrades. Hosting providers also allow its client to self-manage their server which includes regular monitoring and some maintenance. But there are few hosting providers which are not involved and does not provide support to their customers to manage the servers, all maintenance, upgrades, patches, and security are handle by the customers only. Here customers or client has to manage few things which involve monitoring, updates, involve a medium level of management and limited support.

Few drawbacks of dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated server web hosting has few drawbacks also like it is very costly, consume a large amount of bandwidth and it is legally questionable also. Many hosting companies as per their terms of service does not allow to host copyrighted material for which client does not own the copyright.

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