Reseller hosting refers to hosting service in which the service provider is actually an account holder in a shared hosting plan, whereby they splits up his allotted disk space and bandwidth to resell web hosting.

Reseller hosts do not generally hold responsibility for maintaining and running host server. That job is catered to by actual owner of host server who sells hosting space for reseller hosting.

It is indeed possible that in a single host server, several reseller hosting plans are running concurrently, each of which catering further to any number of websites down the line.

Reseller hosting account caters to in house needs. To illustrate, let us consider the following examples:

  • A webmaster may require a network of websites under different domain names to serve different business plans, but all are hosted under a common reseller hosting account. It is not uncommon to find a web business running more than one website for different purposes.
  • A company owns different domain names for assorted departments, all linked to a single reseller hosting account. A large company allots different websites for different brands it owns.
  • If we have decided to start reseller hosting as a business, we may want to become an unnamed franchisee of a parent hosting company. All we need is to buy a suitable reseller hosting plan and thereafter float our own website that will cater to end customers.
  • A reseller hosting account cuts down our overhead expenses, we may still need to advertise heavily to sell our hosting plans. For a start, we need to focus on getting customers in the city we live or from our immediate locality.

 A reseller hosting account accrues significant benefits over both short and long term. Other than hiring charge, there are no additional expense on account of hosting.fixed costs by very nature is predictable, reseller hosting is a help for longterm cost layout, specially for small hosting companies.