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Network Operation Center or Data Center Physical Security

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Data Center Physical Security

A decade ago servers were more vulnerable to physical attacks than remote attacks. The physical attacks are far more devasting, held by malicious local users, vandals or thieves. As they are very rare in office settings, hence does not divert much attention. Most system administrators are focussed on DDoS (Denial of Services) attacks, where attacker maliciously renders a server inoperable denying services to legitimate users. The data centers primitively disconnect wires, unplug network or reboot servers.

The data center or network operation center (NOC) housing servers apply various physical security measures and incorporate policies. Their employees bind to these policies by employee-contract which contain rules, regulations, and information to company rights if they get violated. This creates boundary and trust and enables the employees to perform their duties freely without being questioned. As they get aware of their roles and restrictions. The NOCs often install and setup 24×7 surveillance using cameras.

Data Center Physical Security Measures at NOCs

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