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Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel – An Open Source, Free Web Hosting Control Panel for Linux

1) Introduction about Vesta Control panel-

An open source web based control panel, available at free of cost, installed and configured in a user friendly manner for systems such as Linux is Vesta Control Panel and the management of the websites in VPS is very easy that it can be managed by anyone including a novice system administrator.

Following operating systems are currently supporting by the Vesta CP:

2) Features

Vesta CP offers a no .of useful features as given below:

3) How to Install

If we talk about the installation process of Vesta Control panel, then it’s quite simple and easy as compared to the installation process of other web hosting control panels. And to begin the process, you are required to follow the given steps:

And you will see that VestaCp is successfully installed on your VPS and user can use the same so as to host and manage the websites.

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