TYPO3- The secret of a wonderful website

Be it an official presentation, online job application or online shopping, life without web is incomplete. We always love to refer to various websites get a hint of what we want. The internet consists of numerous websites, which are dynamic and vivid. It is very true that we never want to visit a boring website. A colorless, dull website, disorganized and lacking in information is not visited more than once by a particular user and gradually loses its identity in the crowd of so many websites. As we regularly witness the stiff competition between shops in our local marketplace, the competition is no less among websites in the marketplace of e-commerce. Thus, to keep pace with this dynamic marketplace, websites must be attractive and information. Just for this reason, the use of TYPO3 has become immensely crucial.

Introduced by Kasper Skarhoj, TYPO3 is now developed by two teams, namely, Oliver Hader and Robert Lemke. The prime use of TYPO3 is due to the fact that it helps you to deal with your web content separately from the design and layout of the website. One of the best gifts of this software is the easy template availability. The market is ever changing and change is the only constant factor in today’s world. It lets you change the template, design, and layout of your website without harming the existing HTML and other files and contents. You can design each page of your website differently from the other with the help of this software miracle. Designing each page differently makes the design relevant to the content present on that specific page. You can synchronize your website and may add folders and pages with this software.

You need to be smarter to keep pace and outshine your competitors in the dynamic and competitive market. Website in itself is a global concept, people from all around the world get to visit your website and get to know your work. Therefore, the popularity of your website increases if it is multilingual. TYPO3 gives you the opportunity to set up a multilingual website and even with a single installation of this application you can manage multiple websites. Not only you get readymade templates with this software, but you may upload images, crop them and edit them as per need as well. The

automatic caching tool makes the search of content faster. Its simple framework lets you update the site faster, indexes the content and manages the menu.

TYPO3 developers ensure that you can get enough support and assistance if there is any problem while using this software. It has a huge online library of tutorials, videos, and books in several languages which you may refer anytime. Safety of your website is guaranteed by the control system that you may use to check the entry of users and access to your web content. Thus from customization of content, maintenance of website design to its security, it turns out to be the optimum solution of your content management Thus, it is of no doubt that use of TYPO3 makes your work smarter.