Cheap hosting may seem like the solution that most websites need to make them more affordable. Of course anyone could take a cheap hosting option when launching a site then progress into a better hosting solution once the website became more popular. Of course the problem really is when these plans are chosen over one that can accommodate adequate growth of traffic and bandwidth use for a great website. Just like with the many advantages over cheap web hosting, there are always going to be the negative points that come with that. Of course people will have their own opinion that is going to clash with the next person but that is what the world is like, everyone gets their own opinions. There are a number of disadvantages that cheap hosting can unfortunately provide.
With the disadvantages over cheap hosting is going to be that people are not going to get the same level of quality that they could be getting with the most costly web hosts. It is a big factor in today's world. They really do need to look for the cheapest option for them but also something that delivers quality.

Many cheap hosting services will have lower storage and bandwidth limits. Although a few GB of storage may sound like enough, websites that are going to be uploading a large amount of content can easily break these low limit amounts of storage. Many lower cost plans may also have high cost “restoration” fees to get the website back up and running a while longer before the next charge period begins.

Although most web hosting companies will claim to offer the same level of support to all of their customers, the truth is that web hosting is a profit-driven industry, and the loyalty of all web hosting companies lies within the hands of their highest paying customers. Thus, it is a safe bet to assume that, when the lines are busy and the support staff is overloaded with calls, the people holding dedicated hosting plans will receive support before those with shared hosting plans.

The control panel is important to a large number of users and some cheap hosting services will only give a watered down one with fewer accessibility options. The control panel without the higher level of control function that is necessary for professional website creation may not be able to adequately provide the tools which can help to manage the site.