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Host Teamspeak Server


It is the 21st century, and the world has become a very small place to live in with the advent of the internet. The internet has facilitated everything from audio, video calls across countries to accessing information about anything in the world just with a single click.

Many multinational companies across the world are working together and satisfying their clients with the help of internet and through conference calls around the world. Over these past few years with the advent of globalization most of our things have become online with the help of internet.

The growing popularity of TeamSpeak software among the masses

For an instance Team speak is a voice over internet protocol software that helps in conducting conference calls between various computer users on the chat channel. Users of TeamSpeak often use the microphone and headset to communicate through TeamSpeak software. Users can do conference using TeamSpeak software which in turn connects to the desired TeamSpeak server according to the demands of the user.

Host TeamSpeak server

However, the main discussion lies in how to host TeamSpeak server in an effective manner. For hosting TeamSpeak server one needs first to download the server package and client software from the website. After that, the user can search for the required ports. Then we should open the TS3 folder or the folder of the downloaded version. The latest version of TeamSpeak software is TeamSpeak3 or TS3. However, apart from that there are other versions also like TeamSpeak2 and others. After opening the TeamSpeak folder, a window will be launched, and we should jot down the information showed in that window. When finished with the installation, we should open our client and click on connections and then type the IP address of our system with the UDP port number. After that we will select the connect option and, therefore, set up our server.

Once we have set up our server, we should become the admin by using the privilege key. Once we set ourselves as admin, we can then set our channels according to our needs. Now if other people want to connect to another server, they can do it using the external port number. TeamSpeak server and software is very much popular among gamers. In fact, the main audience of TeamSpeak is gamers. Gamers often use TeamSpeak software to communicate with fellow online players present in the same channel. Gamers often use this software to connect players in the same game or even for multiplayer games because the audio communication gives an edge while playing games. It enhances the gaming experience.


In a nutshell, we can say that TeamSpeak has become very much popular and widely accepted among the masses over these recent years. It has been used both domestically as well as commercially

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