One of the best ways to do viral marketing is the creation of viral reports which can be freely passed on by you to another person with added benefits to both parties.

How does it work?

Aside from having an interesting topic and a wealth of information, the viral reports contain links to the site and products you are offering. These links can be modified from one person to another by changing the affiliate ID in the link. While these links, known as rebranding, still lead to your website, credit will also be given to the affiliate in the form of commission or whatever arrangement you have worked out previously. By offering an incentive your customers will have more of a reason to pass around your viral report.

That's where the viral explosion begins.

You can maximize your viral report, and get an explosion of traffic along with a huge number of subscribers. Keep these factors in mind when promoting your viral report.

– Wide distribution. There are several ways on how you can offer your report. You can offer it for free or for a minimal amount. If you allow rebranding, you can also charge for it and have options such as full customization or just part customization rights. Resale rights can also be offered for a certain fee.

Be careful with this. If your report comes with a price tag its spread will be limited. Not everyone is willing to spend money on your reports. To get the widest possible reach of your report, it is best to offer it for free along with the rebranding rights. What you are after is for your report to reach a huge number of potential customers and get the most commission from the attached affiliate links.
– Quality affiliate links. To be able to maximize your report and give its full potential, it should have good and legitimate affiliate links. But how do you make the readers really click on those links?

If your report bombards the readers with lots of affiliate links instead of quality information, they will probably stop reading your book, deletes it and forgets about it. Likewise, if the links lead to affiliate products which are totally not related to the report theme, you will just lose a good number of potential customers.

The best way to include the affiliate links in your report is to make them appear as natural as the other statements in your book. Try to weave them into the content in such a way that it is not obvious to the eyes of your readers. For example, when you want to readers to learn more about a certain topic discussed on your report, you can then mention the link as a source of additional information.

Maximum return for all parties involved. Since you want wide distribution of your report, you will offer it for free as well as the rebranding rights. But what will you benefit from it? Of course, just the fact that people will sign up as an affiliate for them to be able to rebrand the links with their own codes means that you will gain more and more subscribers to your list.

Having more and more people who would want to rebrand the links means that more chances of your report getting distributed to others because of the incentives these people would gain. And the more people who will get to receive your report, the more traffic you will get on your site.