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Allow Visitors to share Comments, Suggestions or Feedback

Share your valuable feedback, comments or suggestions on allowing visitors to share comments

Share Comments allows its visitors to comment on posts and pages with spontaneity and sincerity. A visitor can share experiences, issues and questions and answers in their style whether formal, informal, structured or casual. A writer and website publisher pays constant and sustained attention and takes adequate measures or answer to share his/her point of view.
The comments are well respected and help the post-writer to understand different beliefs, attitude, and worldview. The comments could be contradicting, conflicting and of warring perception or may show similar thoughts, values, ideas, knowledge, and philosophy.

Before commenting, the site management expects that:

The commenting technology is continuously and interestingly coming up as information sharing and gathering tool. It is becoming helpful in policy formation and management. Some companies consider commenting system as gossip pockets or grapevine, where informal written communication occurs with purpose and intention. The commenting system in a new technological world used for networking and sharing information. Every comment is in need to give and take information into a well-established method.

The comments can be made using different gadgets, mobile, Tabs, PC's and Laptops. It is challenging for site management team to handle an enormous volume of comments which raises strange problems.

The website management collates, understand, analyze and finally approve comments to make them available in public domain.

The commenting system has its standards, rules, and regulations, which at the same time, accepted, followed and appreciated by website members.
The requirements or needs are sophisticated and complex. Hence, need to mention them with precision, clarity, and simplicity in a formal environment with preferences and choices.

Furthermore, from comments, a post-writer knows about the scope for improvement and addressing areas left unattended.

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