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Website Build Relationship between owner and visitor

Your online presence builds the relationship between your organization and the public. When you search on Google, you will find website available for every field whether medical, engineering, psychology, literature, tourism, travel, e-commerce portals and much more. Sites have emerged as massive relationship building tool, and every department of the company is willing to share information on it. For Marketing, Mass-Communication, and Public Relations, their utility cannot be ignored. Hence, every of the business is going online. Websites have become a cutting-edge area for most of the online companies.
Having online presence represents the latest thinking of the company stakeholders. They want to utilize the newest and latest technology to reach large people and thus convert them to their customers. Internet website replaces the oldest conceptual design and methodologies of only having a physical presence. Participation theory replaces earlier business promotions tools, based on the 1-way model of sender-receiver theory. The customer suggests changes, make reviews, opinion, beliefs and thus companies according to it measure the behavior of the customer.
In every of the field Research is involved, if we talk about the website, then, we need to research the name, i.e., domain name, where to host it, what would be platform, navigation system. Furthermore, where to place action buttons, what images would be required, where to put videos and much more information.

A complete design or strategy is required to frame before actual design of the website. A comprehensive analysis which involves look of Front-page, i.e., home-page, content-rich-text ratio, the percentage of rich-media content, i.e., images and videos. Everything needs to be pre-decided.  A business owner investing, into the website would have high-thinking, which it would become magic-bullet for it, and bring massive sales to the company. Every of the visitor coming to the site might be having the buy intention, promoted on the website.

Only, just creating the excellent website is not sufficient, it requires promotion. There is no magic-band, which can bring the site on top of search engines within short-interval. It needs sustained activity.

The use of old spammy SEO techniques can be a disaster. As suggested by Ananova “forget those old approaches and practice modern marketing techniques.” With this new world, where people share, an integrated customer relationship model required. The model could answer the questions like Where the visitor is navigating? Which pages most visited and why? A model required which needs extensive refining with research.

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