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Slashed Prices Take Away Hosting Business Profits

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Hosting Business Profits

“You cannot maximize sales and profits simultaneously”. Hosting businesses have taken this as their primary model and from last decade they have made their objective to increase sales, which has to lead to the high competition in the market. Very few companies are able to increase their return on investment (ROI). The wishful thinking of increasing the market share first and then increase price have totally failed in hosting industry. Companies are struggling to survive in the market as they didn’t analyze and understood their strengths and opportunities, as they were taken away with the slashing prices of big companies. In copying the operational effective company, they diminish the advantage of operational effectiveness.

Lowering Price Gimmick – Hosting Business Profits

Hosting business runs on a subscription model. To acquire customers, companies play a lot of gimmicks, but when the renewal time comes they don’t wish to retain them such low prices. Companies under-price competitors and win market share. The problem arises when the other company also lowers the cost and this hurts, as the company’s whole future rested on cost. Due to all this focus achieving superior performance gets lost and thus company gets out of business.

Big Companies – Hosting Business Profits

Big companies are making most profits, as their hosting plans are lowest in cost, highest in perceived valued and they are best in serving niche market segment. They have attained technological leadership by strengthening their support team with technological intelligence. Attainment of customer delight and satisfaction is their top priority.

Hosting Reviews – Hosting Business Profits

Review based websites often talk about customer requirements, expectations, perceptions, satisfaction, and loyalty. They give emphasis on profitable customer relationship, thus providing and communicating superior value. For this they gather, sort, analyze and distribute needed timely and accurate information. Websites like produces company information, activities, and marketing research. Based on the information provided, hosting customer can make buying or shift to another company decisions. SiteGeek continuously researches on information needs of its visitors.

SiteGeek is the platform for Hosting companies and customers for opportunities, problem solutions, marketing, and updated and valid information.

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