Today, President Trump released the “National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies,” which outlines how the United States will promote and protect our competitive edge in fields such as artificial intelligence, energy, quantum information science, communication and networking technologies, semiconductors, military, and space technologies.

As our competitors and adversaries mobilise vast resources in these fields, American dominance in science and technology is more important now than ever. It is vital to our long-term economic and national security. The United States will not turn a blind eye to the tactics of countries like China and Russia, which steal technology, coerce companies into handing over intellectual property, undercut free and fair markets, and surreptitiously divert emerging civilian technologies to build up their militaries.

The Trump Administration’s critical and emerging technologies strategy establishes priority actions to protect our national security innovation base and secure our technology advantage by strengthening rules where gaps exist, insisting that agreements be enforced, and working with like-minded allies and partners to promote, advance, and ensure the success of our common principles. This Administration continues to defend our industry, address unfair practices, and level the playing field for American workers.

Our Strategy also emphasises the importance of promoting the national security innovation base. Under President Trump, the United States has already made historic progress in this area. From the American AI Initiative to the National Quantum Initiative, the Trump Administration has taken bold action to accelerate our leadership in the technologies underpinning the Industries of the Future, announcing unprecedented research and development investment, removing regulatory barriers to innovation, developing the highest quality American workforce, and building strong relationships with like-minded allies and partners.

The National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies lays the foundation for the United States to continue to turn ideas into innovations, to transform discoveries into successful commercial products and companies, and to protect and enhance the American way of life for many years to come.

Source: Press Release
Date: October 15, 2020