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WordPress Website Protection Against The Brute Force Attack

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The Brute Force Attack

The Brute Force Attacks slows down a WordPress website, and inaccessible to visitors. The hackers crack the passwords by utilizing trial and error technique and install malware into server, network or a computer system. They use automated software to send massive requests to the target system to gain access to passwords. The software is so sophisticated that the target system unable to identify and block its suspicious activity. They use different IP addresses and location to launch Brute Force attack to gain access to websites admin user.

The Brute force attack focuses on the simpler method to gain access to the site. The program tries usernames and passwords until it gains success.

Dictionary Attack: A attacker tries all dictionary or common words.

Once the admin password is cracked, the hacker can install malware, steal users private information, delete the site, install phishing files, and above all can deface the website. Even, if hackers it not able to gain access, the Brute Force attacks slow down the hosting servers, even crash them.

Protect WordPress Websites from the Brute Force Attacks

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