Delivery of software and information as a service rather than a product through shared resources over Internet.
Services Offered under “Cloud Computing”
computation, software applications, data access, data management and storage resources

Different types of Cloud Computing Services :-

SaaS  (Software as a Service) delivers a single application through the browser to a plethora of customers utilizing a multitenant architecture.
PaaS(Platform as a service) is a variation of SaaS where the platform as a service provided for applications to run.
  • It enables system integrators, developers, IT consultants, and software houses can entirely focus on the realization of applications as setup and configuration phases. Thus, it manages with extreme simplicity.
  • It's ideal for applications that serve variable loads.
  • Enables scalability, high availability, separation of services, and ease of management.
  • As per Gartner prediction global PasS market have the second-highest growth rate in the cloud service industry, growing @ 21.8%.
MSP  (Managed service provider) is an application which manages IT and its applications rather than being useful directly to the end users e.g. virus scanning nd anti-spam services.
DaaS (Desktop As a Service) Virtual Desktop is provided, that connects to applications and data which are stored on cloud provider's server.

Gartner Assessment

  • Evaluates and categorize IT industry firms by their vision and ability to execute.
  • Categories or Quadrants: Niche Players, Challengers, Visionaries and Leaders

Gartner estimated that by 2020, $216 billion would be spent on the cloud shift.