Artificial IntelligenceThe use of technology has improved daily lives by solving many of the most significant challenges. With each new advancement, human work is decreasing, allowing to focus on pleasant tasks. The pace at which machines are taking the action of humans, the day will come, when machines will do all the work. Thus, leading to the new society, on which social scientists are showing their concerns. Imagine a world without work, and only people would be involved in harmonious and thriving communities, living properly and enabling everyone to succeed. But technology has two sides like a coin. Such advancements are made to augment humans, but it that humans need? The technology unprecedented pace and magnitude brings a powerful influence on the socio-economic part of society.

People worry that in future, they would lose jobs and hence can't take today granted, they need to keep themselves always updated with the future requirements and work.

The expected time is of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is the most compelling transformative force. Its already penetrated our lives, and now, we can see how our future would be with these machines. The artificial intelligence is changing our daily life making it more safe, comfortable, and convenient.

Industry Already Started Using Artificial Intelligence

  • In the medical industry, it has brought good satisfying results in diagnosing the number of diseases and curing them.
  • In warehousing, it optimizes routes and calculates prices.
  • The financial industry most benefitted, as it helps to detect fraudulent transactions, furthermore manages investment portfolios.
  • The artificial industry is used in cars, voice, and object recognization analyses and translation.
  • The technology has got an immense contribution to education, agriculture, health.
  • In maintaining the environment, in controlling global warming, although, it is still a big challenge.
  • Furthermore, the artificial intelligence is also used in security solutions to prevent cyber attacks, keeping private personal data safe from falling into the hands of unscrupulous actors.

The results of the use of AI are impressive. Still social activist considers that one day its unlimited use would pose dangers and risk as criminal-minded people would use it to create lethal mass-killing weapons and would misaligned and manipulate the society and might inadvertently destroy the entire planet.

Technology in Paramedics

Revolutionary Cloud-Based Technology Potential Boosts Health Results

A new handheld Butterfly portable ultrasound device connected to mobile phones provides images instantaneously on a connected smartphone. The tool uses a computer chip with tiny little discs. It brings ultrasound technology to patients that mean no need for large ultrasound machines. Doctors could see issues straight away and could call a specialist and discuss the images live in real-time by sharing the vision online using cloud-based sharing and archiving. Thus crucial decisions are made immediately and action taken.

Eventually, doctors' stress would reduce, and they may throw away their stethoscopes or stop moving patients to specialist rooms for x-rays. The latest technology is fast, safe, and accurate because it doesn't involve radiation.
Thus, an extraordinary development in Medical Technology could help people in the Victoria region living apart from major public hospitals and eventually have life-saving effects in regional hospitals.

Per Butterfly device would cost $3,000