Subscription-based hosting business values are based on support, uptime, backup, security, and feature-rich hosting plans. The hosting plans offered are always linked to its brand values like its market status, reviews, achievements, and aspiration. Ananova with SiteGeek analyze almost 40K hosting companies on their hosting values on which customer is promised.

Ananova analyzes the available content on their website and tries to find the details on resources, infrastructure on which hosting services are provided. Furthermore, analyze performance, reputation, hosting plans, hosting features, discounts, customer benefits, and a lot more. What makes the customer stay with the hosting provider for a long time, as its long-term loyalty. Ananova finds that most hosting provider websites remain unchanged in a year's time, few changed their look and brought new content on how they are effectively providing the hosting services as their marketing effort. Hosting customers expect high value from providers and want their website to be up all the time i.e. 100% uptime and full support, if any issue arises, only then do they consider the provider delivering the value to its customers.

A customer remains loyal till he/she is getting 100%, their emotions towards are loyal till that time only. Once anything goes wrong the emotions are shattered and the relationship breaks. Hence to maintain the customer, the hosting companies remain disciplined and always tries to bring new innovations and styles. Providing Hosting services is B2B hence, the hosting brands have to do much more than their promised values to keep their customers motivated and have a 100% customer experience feeling. Everybody can understand it's hard to be on top of the toes every time and give 100% performance every time, but that is most demanding. To be always on the top of the customer expectation is how the hosting brands survive in the highly competitive hosting business. Always keep customers updated with the latest inherited technology, innovations, style, and CSR stories to create an emotional connection and good relationship.