Businesses having an online presence, often face issues, which they need to resolve immediately. The technical expert support team with the issues and problems encounters the emotional sentiments of the customers. If the issue gets fixed in time, the hosting companies do receive loyalty in terms of service continuation. But, if the issue remains unresolved, there is a disaster, not only in terms of losing a customer but also getting a bad review on reviewing websites.

Once the customer is satisfied with the support provided, many times emotionally provides great ratings and reviews, which are highly influential. Viewing the same the other visitors get attracted, as those reviews become a critical driver for choosing the hosting provider.

Sometimes the problems are beyond the scope of the hosting providers, but, still, the expert team tries to resolve the issues, or provides them the best way to resolve the same. Thus, it requires special skills apart from the technical skills to understand the customers feeling when they are in trouble.

Subscription-based Hosting business is highly competitive and to survive, the companies with the performance, product efficacy do focus on customer support. The brands develop with values of service, uptime, and support. A feeling of good together is a must for companies in this commercial landscape. Hence, hosting providers try to develop a good relationship with customers, by being in touch with them, trying to get feedbacks at different time intervals.

Customer bonding is a powerful tool, though takes time to develop mind share and heart share, but, if all goes right, the company soon becomes the leader in the market. Every innovative solution, product, service, or plan they launch, the customer starts taking interest and start finding the best possible future of their online presence with it.

The best support is the mantra of success, today and will like to be truer tomorrow. Before the problem arises, the companies need to be ready with their risk management strategy and prepare the best solutions. The content made available for the solutions of future problems gets maximum attention and businesses get time to either face or to avoid.

Nowadays, the customer before making the buying decision looks more than the company brand value. They research the existing customer's emotional connect, inspiration, societal responsibility, sustainability, and pride and joy expressed with value.

Ananova's research team is working on “how does a hosting companies company's content is creating an emotional bond to increase visitor's response?”