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Leverage experience in the field to Gain New Customers

The Internet has almost diminished the difference between big brands and small companies. Every company can create a good-looking professional website and can target its niche. The magic of brands is fading away. Although there are few successful brands that do have customers' emotional attachment. They have leveraged on the same, for generations. Their marketing content often contains the words like ‘since', ‘for', ‘last' which creates emotional appeal to make a strong impact. They want to be trusted as they are in the market for a certain period and have gained much of the experience in that field. The savvy marketers understand the power of being experienced and use the same to connect to new generations.

Choosing a particular brand is like a habit, coming from elders to children, and thus for generations, the big brands are in an emotional relationship bond. The new upcoming companies have brought the new latest trends, most of which are going viral and thus have helped to establish in the competitive market with old brands.

New customers want to try new products or services and thus has helped the upcoming companies to gain market share. The words like ‘repeat sales' are almost diminishing. But, still, there are people who are loyal to the brands who have an emotional connection with them.

In a hosting business, well-established brands do face strong competition with the new upcoming companies. As the new ones present themselves as coming with the new latest technology, endless resources, support, and other features. And most old hosting brands are still stuck with their old-style hosting features, hence they have started losing their customers to these new upcoming hosting providers. In the hosting industry, customers are loyal till they are satisfied. The emotional connection remains valid till all goes well. Hence post-sale service content is gaining much attention. The people look for the existing customer experiences and then they are making their mind to choose the company as a hosting provider for their online presence. The expert support is making the companies a one-stop shop. The customer wants to purchase everything from the domain, hosting, secure SSL certificates, templates, or any other resource required for the website from just a single company.

The hosting providers understand that retaining customers is much cheaper than gaining new customers. Hence, they focus on support, making good relationships, bringing new content with an emotional touch. Their marketing strategy does contain the development of regular content in the favor of customers to educate and build awareness of new latest technologies and threats. People become emotionally biased when they receive good support when they face problems or issues. And this is one of the factors which counts in making their decision in renewing their subscriptions.

The new upcoming hosting providers do focus on dissatisfied customers as their marketing strategy, as they understand that their emotions are already shattered with the previous hosting provider and it's easy to catch them. It's a fact, that a dissatisfied customer is going to change the provider, but, before choosing the new provider, the bad experience is already in its mind, hence taking its time to test and choose another provider. So, the perception of easy catch to those dissatisfied customers is not as simple to accept. The providers need to provide a lot more promises to bring a positive change in their attitude. To such customers, the hosting provider needs to provide one more degree of support. Now they have to prove that they are better than the previous provider. To justify this logic, sometimes extra resources or help are provided beyond capacity. The sales find it easy to capture new customers, but it's a challenge for the technical team to handle it. Good support harnesses emotions to build a strong connection and bond between the customer and a hosting provider.

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