Stay Competitive

Features Website must haveCreate a website that grab attention and generate orders and sales.. Features Website Must have

  • Right Web Hosting Service: Choose web hosting package as per your website needs. An online presence gives a boost to your business. advise not to choose free or cheap web hosting services. It matters a lot in search rankings. Free Hosting providers would display advertisements on your website. If your site is for a non-business purpose, then free or cheap hosting is fine, otherwise avoid them altogether.
  • Web Security: Get SSL for your website  and secure it from malicious logins, spam, and malware.
  • Responsive: For various devices like mobile, PC, tablet
  • Easy Navigation: Use of Breadcrumbs
  • Speed: Nobody likes to wait for a website to load, your site must have a quick response. If your site is slow, you will lose potential traffic.
  • Engaging: Allow visitors to provide feedback, comments or subscribe to a page or post. They will share their personal experiences.
  • Social: Robust social media strategy
  • Active: Regularly put fresh content, new articles or latest news.
  • Looks: Simple brand color scheme
  • Disability Friendly Websites: Accessibility driven websites so that disabled people can also access web content. Much-Enhanced features complaint to people with disabilities like blindness, dyslexia, or hearing impairment. So they can also find information, shop, and enjoy entertainment.
  • Prominent Contact Page: A messaging feature for visitors to directly connect without even opening an e-mail or calling the phone.