Online Forum With YaBBSE

Do you still miss the chatting with friends??? Are you missing the fun and frolic Are you too emerged in your daily activities and busy life schedule and craving for some good chat with friends Try out online forums. With the advent of internet, most of our daily activities, office work, business and transactions are controlled over the internet. In the same way, internet is also a primary tool in entertainment. From listening to music and watching video online, music and video downloading, to downloading and playing games, you can enjoy anything online. Same is true if you want to be in touch with your friends. Online forums help you to socialize and interact with people around you. YaBBSE is such an online forum which assists you to be more responsive and interactive to your customers and friends.

Online business means everything is online, from products to payment. But many customers are not acquainted with online modes of payment and online surfing. If you do not have the facility to extend online support and instant assistance to the visitors and customers, there are very fewer chances of your website gaining popularity. Bulletin board is an excellent module of YaBBSE. It helps your customers to get online support via chat 24 hours a day. You can resolve your customers’ issues any time of the day sitting at any other place. If your website is an IT solution provider, you can resolve technical glitches on users’ computers by a remote support and chat assistance without spending a lot of money. This wonderful application comes with great security tools, helping to maintain the privacy of your chat and interactions. It has tools like spam filters, sensor controllers, and in-built security.

The other tools of this software are the navigation menu bar and forum navigation links and texts. The navigation menu consists of texts and images. You can get the complete list of members of your forum and active users are highlighted by graphical symbols on the bulletin board. Instant messages are notified in the forum index. You can mark the messages under reading or hidden status and marks the same with the date and time of posting. YaBBSE not only comes with chat management but also with wonderful templates, making your website attractive. Choose and decorate your website as per need with lots of available templates. You can skip any other to any other board, module or discussion with the help of “jump to” button.

Looking back at the history of this software, we can see it is not very new in the web world. The YaBBSE idea was developed in 2000 by a webmaster, Zef Hemel, and was known as YaBB. This is easy to install an application which is available free of cost. This is open source software which can be used by anyone. Thus, use this forum to keep interacting with your friends and business partners openly and privately as per need and you will certainly never feel any more bored and away from friends and family. Software forums have proved to be cost-effective interactive tools.