Choosing and using the right web host makes or breaks an online business

Your web host is your foundation

If you have a business and you decide to go online with it, I must say that it is a brilliant decision. One thing that you must always bear in mind is that, when you go online with your business, the most important corner-stone in its foundation is the web host that you choose to host your website with. It is essential that you pick just the right web host for your website, it will be a critical factor in creating the success story of your online business. There are hundreds of options available, each glittering and appearing promising. To pick the correct one is no easy task, yet you have to do so in order to succeed. There is no single criterion that can be used to mark out web hosts as good or bad. There are so many factors involved.

The first instinct for anybody who wants to find out about web hosts would be to go to websites that give you a review of the services of various web hosts. Although, there are some websites that give you an unbiased feedback. Chances are that the opinions are biased and compromised. So be careful.

All the web hosting companies out there are trying to grab your attention and then your account. They will try to attract you with all sorts of tricks and gimmicks like “unlimited” this and that. Do your research properly and do not believe what they say until you confirm it with reliable sources.

Impact of the Web Host on your online store

When you select a web host you are deciding how your website will perform as the web host will have a huge impact on a number of factors related to your website. All these parameters must be taken into account before you commit to a host:

  • The speed at which your website loads
  • Reliability of your website
  • Technical support that will be available to you
  • Add-ons that you get
  • Options for up gradation and costs involved
  • The price tag attached to a renewal of account
  • e-commerce features
  • Back up services offered
  • Control panel offered
  • Management of the account
  • basic hosting features should be provided
  • what price do you finally pay
  • SSL Certification

You do not want to end up with a web host who will not take care of all these parameters and more.

Uptime is Important

Uptime reflects the time for which your website is up and running. It is an extremely important parameter. You would like your website to be available to your customers all hours of the day and night. If someone from some corner of the world wants to browse your website he should be able to do it right away without any delay. Thus your website should be all the time. All web hosts understand this requirement and the good ones offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. Do not settle for anything less. Downtime can be a huge problem and can be responsible for losing customers to the competition and loss of business.

You need excellent technical support

When you do all the research about a web host, pay special emphasis on finding out about their technical support staff. They should be available 24X7, all year round. Also, they should be well trained and knowledgeable. The team should have a very small response time and should know how stuff works. A professional and solid email and phone support should also be available.

Site speed should be blazing fast

Please ensure that the web host is capable of providing you with speed on your website. The website should load in minimum time span and this should happen each time it is clicked. No customer will have the patience or the inclination to wait for a slow site. Also, you might slip in SEO ranking if your speed is slow.

A perfect web host with a decent business model- a sure shot combination for success!

If you have a successful business model and want to go online, pick the most suited web host for your business website. It matters a lot. You want that all your needs and requirements are met and all that is promised is delivered, this will happen if you choose the right web host. And then you will be a happy person and so will be your customers.

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