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Factors affecting the consumer buying decision empowers individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching web hosting solutions. The research team analyzes the various factors which affect the buying decision of a hosting consumer, what brings a change in its perception, attitude, and behavior.

In a subscription-based B2B hosting business emotions do have some degree of influence, but it's more rational as it involves superiority of values like technology, support, and uptime. The old brands have lost the market share to the new companies coming up with new ideas and aggressive marketing.

The evolving new tools have provided a fast way of developing the website, marketing, creating awareness, community, conversion, listing & doing promotion. The new emerging companies support Google Adwords, Influencers, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Linkedin, Listing, 4chan, SEO, Bscscan, Etherscan, Bing, PR, Airdrop, Telegram, Discord, Crypto talk, Community Management, Messenger Funnels, Email marketing, CMS, CoinGecko, DefiPulse, Pancakeswap & Uniswap listing, Promo videos, landing pages, white pages and much more. The upcoming provider's promises of giving the best professional and timely solution to customers for every website's needs. Furthermore, creating an enjoyable experience and looking forward to more business with the customers in the future.

The aggressiveness in terms of speed and quality in attitude to provide the best service leads to satisfaction among customers and thus brings good relationships. It also helps them to achieve great awareness for their services. The new emerging technologies offered have started the customers to think everything in terms of automation, question the status quo and emotions have turned into more logical justifications. 

The hosting customer addresses its logical needs and thus researches the perfect fit on which it can rely its online presence. The hosting providers cannot easily take away the customer with just emotional content. Thus, they provide more rational resources like case studies, e-books, blogs, and white papers to create more awareness among the hosting consumers.  

The hosting provider's websites are flooded with content with an equal balance of emotion and logic. Instead of targeting the masses, the providers create content for niche, disseminating the content at the right time with the right channel. The entire website framework is designed to effective content marketing strategy to build awareness, interest, evaluation, purchase, and loyalty.

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